My Linen Store Story

The thought to create linen home textile sparked with the birth of my first grandchild. However not at the beginning of his days, but at the time when he started eating table food. And as it turned out, my poor grandchild was suffering from allergies. He often had rashes on his body, with itching and burning.

Since then, our family has become interested in a healthier way of living – shifting towards more natural and organic products, eating healthy organic food, and living more closely to our nature.

At the time, I remembered an old suitcase brought many years ago from my home town village. I found it lying in the garage, buried in in oblivion and a thin layer of dust. Once I opened it I found miracles. More than hundred years old handmade bed spreads and pillowcases crafted from the finest linen grown in Lithuanian fields, spun and woven by my own grandmother. Linens with handmade lace and embroidered monograms – In perfect condition! After washing we used these treasures for my suffering grandson. Wonderful, refreshing touch of linen fibre was powerful treatment for irritated baby skin, worked way better than all the creams …

Now my grandma's linens are safely stacked and stored, but to this day, we often remember her with the utmost gratitude. Today, my grandchildren are all grown-up. They do not have any allergies at all, nor any other health problems – They are perfectly healthy!

And yet, my friendship with linen blossoms and continues. The very first linen piece I’ve made was a natural flax bedspread and a pillowcase with a lace trim – just like my grandmothers. What I enjoyed the most was the creation process itself. Imagining how my linens will look in different homes, and for which interiors they will fit the best. I truly realized that linen fits everywhere: in rustic summer houses, or minimalist and pure today’s interiors or even modern and stylish lofts.

Now, I invite you to my linen store. Welcome & May it brings you joy, health and love as it did to my family.

Creating the future, we turn to the past!

Sincerely yours,

My linen story by Rasa gustluka